Review Express is a free TripAdvisor tool that allows you to automatically send customers an additional review request email after their trip.  

Using Review Express doesn't change your existing Starboard Suite email workflow -- customers will still get your Starboard emails as well.

TripAdvisor reports that on average, Review Express users see an increase of 33% in the number of TripAdvisor reviews for their property.

Ready to set up your automated Review Express campaign?

All it takes is three simple steps:

1. Visit

Type your property name and then select it from the box. If you’re not signed in to TripAdvisor yet, you’ll be prompted to sign in or register at this point. Review Express is free to use, but you must be registered for your property on TripAdvisor to get started. 

2. Opt in to automated Review Express

From the Review Express home page, click the button in the “Automate” box. Review the information in the window including your Starboard Suite authorization and the terms of use – be sure to check the box next to each one. Then confirm the "from" address for your email campaigns and submit the form. 

Congratulations! Starboard Suite can now begin sending data for automated Review Express emails, as soon as guests check out.

3. Configure your default message

Review Express allows you to set a default email template for each of the 20+ languages on the site. Automated Review Express sends that default email to addresses received from Starboard Suite. If you haven’t set a default, a standard TripAdvisor template is used. 

To set your default email for automated Review Express, go to the “Create Email” tab. Your default message will appear automatically – it will have an asterisk in its name. Use the "Edit" links to make any adjustments to the template on this page and then save it. Be sure the box that says “Save this as my default for [language]” is clicked – that will guarantee the message is sent for automated Review Express. 

To learn more about Review Express, please visit:

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