Auto Activating Events

As your events fill up, automatically open new ones from a queue.

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There may be times that you'd consider adding more events to your schedule, but only if the previous events are already filling up.  

With our auto-activation feature, you can handle all of this automatically, and setting it up takes just a few seconds.

1. Set your auto-activation threshold in Admin->System Configuration.  This is a percentage to indicate how full you'd like the previous trip to be before the next event auto-activates.

2. Next, create a hidden queue of events of the same type, by setting their public availability to "Pending Auto Activate".  You can create them individually or through the multiple events tool.

When a public event hits the threshold you specified, we'll look for the next pending event of the same type in the series.  

If we find one, we'll change it's public availability to "Based on Inventory", which will open it up to online booking.  

And, we'll email you to let you know this happened.

We hope this make it easy for you to add some new inventory to your schedule!

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