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Collecting Starboard confirmation numbers in Smartwaiver's Kiosk App
Collecting Starboard confirmation numbers in Smartwaiver's Kiosk App

Configure the Smartwaiver Kiosk app to collect your customer's confirmation number

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In addition to our other Smartwaiver integrations, Smartwaiver has an iPad Kiosk app that allows customers to sign your waiver at your venue.

By default, Smartwaiver's Kiosk doesn't ask customers for their Starboard Suite confirmation number, which prevents us from linking the waivers to their reservations.

To address this, you can configure your kiosk to use our our middleware that will require customers to lookup their reservation before filling out the waiver.

To enable our middleware:

  1. Go to the Smartwaiver Kiosk Management page here:

  2. Click the name of your kiosk to edit it

  3. Under Launch Behavior, select Custom Index Page

  4. In Custom Url, enter:
    โ€‹*Be sure to replace [subdomain] with your actual Starboard Suite subdomain.

  5. Click Update

Now, when your waiver kiosk opens, it will ask for the customer confirmation number, which allows us to link the signed waiver to the customer's reservation in your Control Panel.

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