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Beta: Integration with "When I Work"
Beta: Integration with "When I Work"
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If you're using "When I Work" to manage your scheduling and are interested in syncing your Starboard schedule to When I Work please let us know.

Configure WIW

Be sure to create a "schedule" in WIW for each "resource" in Starboard Suite

Configure Starboard Suite

  1. Click the "Sync to When I Work" icon on your calendar.
    This will allow us to sync your location and position names from WIW.
    Close the syncing window.

  2. In Events->Resources
    Edit each resource and set a WIW location under Advanced Options

  3. In Employees->WhenIWork Staffing
    Indicate how many of each position you need for each resource.

Sync Your Shifts

  1. Create the schedule you'd like to sync by navigating to a month or week on your calendar and optionally setting filters for event type, resource, location or reservation status.

  2. Click "Sync to When I Work" and follow the prompts.
    We'll create an open shift in WIW that corresponds to your selections.

  3. Before you close the syncing window, open another browser tab to WIW and verify that the desired shifts have been created.  If it's not what you want, use the "rollback" button in the syncing window to undo the last sync.

Please note that:

  • At present, syncing is only in one direction -- changes to shifts in WIW will not update your Starboard schedule.

  • Syncing again will create a new set of shifts in WIW, and will not update existing shifts.

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