In April 2018, we'll be updating our credit card processing to provide even better security.  If you're using an ID Tech USB credit card reader, you'll need to reconfigure it using the instructions below.

Your reader will continue to work on a Mac or PC, but the manufacturer requires you to use a Windows PC to install this update.  If you don't have access to a Windows PC or aren't comfortable making the update below, you can ship us your swipers -- we'll update them for you and send them back.

Updating your card reader

1. Plug in your card reader to a USB port.

2. Click this link to download the Card Reader Update Utility

3. Open the card-reader-update-utility that you just downloaded:

  • If Chrome is your default browser
    In Chrome, the downloaded file will show up on the bottom task bar. Double-click on the file to open it.
  • If Microsoft Edge is your default browser
    You will receive a prompt asking you to run the file. Choose Run.
  • If Firefox is your default browser
    You will receive the prompt below. Click Save File, then click the Downloads arrow in the top right of the browser and click on the card-reader-update-utility to open it.

 4. The setup program will launch. Select all the default options and simply click Next and Yes through the wizard. When prompted to restart, choose Yes and Finish.

5. Once Windows restarts, click the Start button and choose MagSwipeCfgUtil 

6. Click the Select Reader Interface button, then click the third image (USB cable) and from the dropdown, choose the first option from the list and click Continue. Your card reader should beep twice.

7. Click Change Basic Reader Settings, then click the Load from File button and browse to your Desktop and the Swipe folder, then select the starboardsuite-swipe-config.cfs2 file. Click OK on the success message.

NOTE: If you want to use the card reader with Internet Explorer, choose the starboardsuite-swipe-config-ie.cfs2 file

8. Click the Send to MSR button. The card reader should beep twice. Click OK on the success message and then click the Exit button

Need to update more than card reader?

There's no need to start again.
Just plug the next card reader into the same Windows PC and jump to step 8 above.

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