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Why credit cards are declined
Why credit cards are declined
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Sometimes you might see (or hear from a customer) that a credit card is being declined.

Why cards are declined

It's helpful to understand that Starboard Suite will never decline credit cards on our own -- any time a card is rejected, it is ultimately being declined by either your credit card processor, or more likely by the customer's card issuing bank.

When a card is declined, we provide you with all of the details that we have available, based on the information that your processor and the customer's bank provide us. 

Sometimes these messages are helpful (eg, "The card code doesn't match") and sometimes they're less helpful (eg, "Charge declined").

What to do when a card is declined

  1. In most cases, cards are declined by the customer's bank, so the best place to start is to have the customer call the phone number on the back of their credit card and ask their bank whether a charge is being declined.

  2. If the customer's bank is not declining the card, you can log-in to your processor's portal to see if they are declining the card due to fraud concerns.

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