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Donating event tickets or gift certificates
Donating event tickets or gift certificates
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You can donate event tickets or gift certificates in a couple of clicks. ย 

Please note that you must have manager or owner level permissions in order to access the "donation" method.

  1. Initiate a reservation or sell a gift certificate the way you normally would:
    - For tickets on a specific event, navigate to that event and click "+ reservation".
    - For a gift certificate, go to Retail->Sell a Gift Certificate.

  2. The value of the tickets you select will indicate the value of the gift certificate.
    For example, choosing 2 adult tickets for $50 each will result in a $100 (plus taxes and fees) gift certificate.

  3. When you get to the payment page, choose "donation" as your payment method and process the payment.

  4. That's it!

  5. You'll be able to track these donations and account for them in your Payment Methods report.


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