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Lightbox Integration - WordPress Supplement
Lightbox Integration - WordPress Supplement
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This supplement provides additional information on using the Lightbox integration with WordPress.  Please read our standard Lightbox instructions first.

*Important: When following the instructions below, please be sure to replace [subdomain] with your actual subdomain (more info here).

How to Install the Header/Footer Plugin and Booking Lightbox Script

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard (usually yourdomainname/wp-admin)

  2. Click Plugins on the Dashboard Menu

  3. Click the Add New button

  4. Under Keyword, search for Header and Footer Scripts by Digital Liberation and hit enter

  5. Next to the Header and Footer Scripts plugin, click the Install Now button

  6. After installation is finished, click Plugins on the Dashboard Menu

  7. Click the Activate link under Header and Footer Scripts

  8. On the Dashboard Menu, click Settings -> Header and Footer Scripts

  9. Under the Scripts in header section, type the following:
    <script type="text/javascript"src="https://[subdomain]"></script>

  10. Click Save settings

How to add a menu option that opens the lightbox

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  2. Click on Appearance -> Menus

  3. Click Custom Links

  4. Under the URL, type in https://[subdomain]

  5. Under the Link Text type Booking (or any title you want).

  6. Click Add To Menu

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard

  2. Add a New Page (or open an Existing Page)

  3. Add text or insert an image that will be used as the Booking link.

  4. Highlight the text or image and click the Insert Link button on the toolbar.

  5. Type in https://[subdomain]

  6. Click Apply (Blue arrow).

  7. Save and publish your changes

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