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Lightbox Integration - Wix Supplement
Lightbox Integration - Wix Supplement
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This supplement provides additional information on using the Lightbox integration with Wix.  Please read our standard Lightbox instructions first.

*Important: When following the instructions below, please be sure to replace [subdomain] with your actual subdomain.

How to Install the Header/Footer Plugin and Booking Lightbox Script

  1. Log into Wix and click on Manage & Edit Site

  2. Under Site Manager, choose Tracking & Analytics

  3. Click the + New Tool button and choose Custom

  4. Under "Paste the code snippet here", enter<script type="text/javascript" src="https://[subdomain]"></script>

  5. Under Name enter Starboard Suite

  6. Under Add Code to Page, choose Load code once

  7. Under Place Code in, choose Head

  8. Click Apply

Then, for any link/button/etc that you want to open the lightbox, use the following URL:


No special class is required.

Advanced Customization

Our standard Lightbox Integration allows advanced customization through "data tags" that you add to the <a tag.  With Wix, those same properties can be controlled by adding a query string to the target URL instead.

The following options can be entered using a query string:

width=[px or %]
height=[px or %]
max-height=[px or %]
max-width=[px or %]
border-size=[px or %]
border-color=[px or %]

For example, to hide the gift certificate and concierge links use the following:


These can be used in combination with event/type selections as well. For example:

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