Starboard Suite is integrated with AdRoll Convert, a retargeting platform that allows you to advertise directly to customers who have already visited your website.

After customers visit your website, AdRoll can retarget those customers and help you advertise to them on hundreds of sites across the web.

This may be a cost-effective way to increase your sales with potential customers who have already shown interest in your services.

If you integrate AdRoll with your Starboard Suite account, we'll
report sales conversions back to your AdRoll account so you can see which of your ads are most effective.

Learn more about AdRoll Convert
Learn more about our integration with AdRoll

We're pleased to offer you this integration to help you continue to grow your business!


To set up our AdRoll conversion tracking:

  1. Sign up directly with AdRoll.

  2. In your Control Panel, navigate to Admin->App Store and click AdRoll.

  3. Enter your AdRoll tracking codes into the corresponding fields.

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