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In the old days, we would email your customers after their event and ask them to write you a review.

This was a great way to get new reviews, but occasionally a customer would write a negative review before you had a chance to address their concerns.

With Review Interception, we still send an automated follow up email, but instead of asking customers to write a review straight away, we ask them to rate their experience by clicking on 1-5 stars.

Customers who select 4-5 stars will be taken to a page where they can write a review on your preferred sites, just like before.

Customers who select 1-3 stars will be re-routed to a form where they can tell you what went wrong and give you a chance to address it.

We're thrilled about this new feature, and hope it will allow you to eliminate the occasional negative experience (or unreasonable complaint) and lock down consistently positive reviews.

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