You can use Stripe Terminal Chipper (U.S.) and WisePad (Canada) devices to capture in-person payments through our iOS app directly into your Stripe account.

Chipper and WisePad readers:

  1. Pair with a single iOS device via Bluetooth

  2. Can be used with their built-in rechargeable battery, or while plugged-in to a power outlet

  3. Support swiping, dipping (chip cards), Apple/Android/Samsung Pay and tap cards

Chipper is available in the U.S.

WisePad is available in Canada

To get started:

  1. Purchase as many Chipper and WisePad devices as you like directly from Stripe.

  2. For desktop use of the Chipper, we strongly encourage you to purchase the charging cradle as well. 

  3. Make sure you are using an iOS device and you have the latest version of our iOS app.

Processing your first payment:

There's no need to explicitly pair the device -- we'll prompt you to pair it and update your reader when you process your first payment.

  1. Turn on your Chipper or WisePad device.

  2. Make sure your iOS device has bluetooth turned on.

  3. Make sure you have the latest version of our iOS app.

  4. In your app settings (the cog on the bottom right), set Payment Hardware to Stripe.

  5. Follow the steps to select or add a Reader Location.

  6. Queue up a sale in your Control Panel.

  7. On the payment screen, select "Stripe Terminal (Chipper/WisePad)" as your payment method.

  8. Follow the prompts to process your payment.

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