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Tracking email opens, clicks and bounces
Tracking email opens, clicks and bounces
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When your customer opens, clicks or bounces a system-generated email, we log that information in their reservation history.

For bounces, we'll email you an alert as well.

How does email tracking work?

System-generated emails contain a small hidden image.

When someone opens an email, we detect that the image was loaded and we log that event to their reservation history.

Is email open/click tracking 100% accurate?

IMPORTANT: in mid-2021, Apple announced that they will begin pre-caching emails and disabling email tracking on iOS devices as a privacy measure. This means that every email sent to an iOS device may show as "opened", whether or not it was actually opened by the customer.

Email tracking can be a useful tool, but it will never be 100% accurate.

If you see a history note about an opened email, you can be fairly confident that the customer opened it, however, some people share email accounts with others, so it's possible that it was opened by a family member or a co-worker.

It's also possible that a customer could open an email and then discard it without actually reading it.

A small percentage of customers will disable HTML and images in their email, which prevents us from detecting opens and clicks.

How does location detection work?

We use public records to identify the location of the IP address that opened the message.

This information is fairly accurate, but there may be times that the customer's internet service or web-based email returns an IP address that doesn't reflect the customer's actual location.

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