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Converting a reservation to a gift certificate
Converting a reservation to a gift certificate
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Sometimes you may want to issue a refund as a gift certificate, rather than refunding to the customer's original payment method.

There are 2 easy ways to accomplish this:

To convert the entire reservation amount to a gift certificate:

  1. Navigate to the Boarding pass

  2. Click the Convert to Gift Certificate button and follow the prompts

To issue a partial refund via gift certificate:

If the refund is for a complete cancellation:

  1. Cancel the reservation

  2. Assess a cancellation fee if desired

If the refund is due to a modification of guests or retail:

  1. Modify the reservation

  2. Remove the guests or retail

  3. Click checkout


  1. On the refund screen, choose "Gift Certificate (System)" and enter the amount you'd like to refund via gift certificate

  2. Process the refund

  3. Refund any remaining amounts to cash, credit, etc

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