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Online booking gratuities
Online booking gratuities
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We want to make it easier for you to hire and retain staff by increasing their access to gratuities, so we've given you the ability to let customers add a gratuity to their online bookings.

Gratuity-related settings can be found in: Admin->System Configuration->Gratuities

Want to be a bit more assertive about gratuities?

You can optionally suggest a default online booking gratuity rate (customers can still override that rate or opt-out if they want).

Once enabled, customers booking online will see the gratuity options during the check-out process:

You can customize the percentages and their corresponding messages under Reservations->Online Gratuity Options.

Looking for more ways to increase your gratuities?

You can also add a gratuity button to your followup emails, and your retail-only receipts:

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