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Collecting Table Numbers
Collecting Table Numbers
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If your events have assigned tables, you can use the Table Number feature to manage your seating assignments from the Event Detail screen or the Online Manifest.

Table Number is super flexible and may also be useful for entering service order, or assigning zoned seating for social-distancing.

To activate:

  1. Go to Admin->System Configuration->Labels and Fields

  2. Set Collect Table Number to True

  3. If desired, change the Table Number Title to something else, eg Zone

Now, when you visit the Event Detail or Online Manifest screen, you'll see a new entry box for each reservation.

These are flexible, auto-saved fields where you can enter a table number, zone number or any other indicator that would be helpful to track.

You also have the ability to set the Table Number as your default sort order in
Admin->System Configuration->Workflow Settings.

And, regardless of the default, the Online Manifest always allows you to choose your sort order on the fly.



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