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Requesting a credit card payment on a standard booking
Requesting a credit card payment on a standard booking
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With payment requests, you can queue up bookings in your Control Panel and send the customer a request to enter their own payment info online.

This can be handy in a variety of situations, for example:

  1. Avoid asking the customer to read their card number over the phone

  2. Avoid physically touching a credit card for in-person bookings

How to send a payment request

If you're in the process of creating or modifying a booking, you can request a payment right from the payment screen, as seen in the short video below:

If you've already processed the booking, you can send a payment request from the boarding pass as well:

By default, we'll prompt you to request payment for the full amount that the customer owes you, but you can request a lesser amount if you prefer:

And, you can request as many payments as you like, in any increments, for each booking.

Payment request email

When you send a payment request, we'll email customers an invoice with their booking details, and a button they can click to pay their invoice online:

Customer payment flow

Clicking the payment button takes them to a page where they can enter their own payment info and complete their booking:

​If you use Stripe as your payment processor, we'll store this card and make it available to you for subsequent payments, just as we do for other Stripe payments.

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