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Requesting a credit card payment on a contract booking
Requesting a credit card payment on a contract booking
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When you're working in the contract module, you can send customers an online payment request that works in a similar way to a payment request on a standard booking.

For contracts, you can enter the requested amount in the Send Contract and Send Invoice tools, rather than clicking a separate "request payment" button.

Sending a payment request from a contract

From your contract editor, click the Send Contract or Send Invoice button. Then just enter the amount into the request payment box.

Payment request email

In order to support payment requests, we've reformatted your contract and invoice emails into an HTML email that has your branding.

If you request a payment, we'll add the green payment box to the top with a clickable payment button.

Customer payment flow

The online payment process is identical to the payment process for standard bookings.

Payment receipt

After payment is received, we'll take the customer to a new online Payment Receipt that shows their payment history and an overview of their contract details.

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