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Redeeming gift certificates in your Control Panel
Redeeming gift certificates in your Control Panel
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To redeem a gift certificate in your Control Panel:

  1. Queue up a reservation or retail sale the way you normally would.

  2. On the payment screen, select Gift Certificate (System) as the payment method.

  3. Type or paste the gift certificate code into the box.

Can the value of a gift certificate be split between multiple reservations?

In your System Configuration, you can decide whether you'd like to allow partial redemptions (see Gift Certificates overview for more details):

Optional - use the lookup tool

  1. Click the "lookup" button to locate the existing gift certificate and value.

  2. To copy the gift certificate value into the "amount" box, click "Use This Amount".

  3. If the amount that you redeem is more than the amount owed to the customer, you'll be prompted to refund the difference.

  4. To refund the difference as a new gift certificate, choose Gift Certificate (System) as the refund method.

Video Recap

In the short video below, you can see the complete redemption and refund sequence:

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