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With Trip Protection, customers can elect to pay an additional fee for a more lenient cancellation policy, and in exchange, you agree to refund them outside of your normal cancellation window.

Please note that: Trip Protection is not an insurance policy and is not underwritten by a 3rd party insurance company:

  • If customers cancel, you'll be responsible for refunding the amount of the purchase back to the customer.

  • If customers don't cancel, you'll retain the Trip Protection fee as an additional income stream.

By enabling the Trip Protection app in the App Store, you acknowledge that you understand the financial risks associated with offering this optional feature, and that you may need to issue customer refunds as a result.

To enable the Trip Protection feature, first activate it in Admin->App Store:

Then configure the settings as desired:

Customers will have the option to add Trip Protection to their order:

And, you'll see the Trip Protection financials in your Sales by Category report:

After enabling Trip Protection it will be available on all of your event types by default, but

you can choose to disallow it for specific event types under each event type's Advanced Options:

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