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Accepting payments via Stripe Link
Accepting payments via Stripe Link
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Introducing Stripe Link

We're excited to tell you about Stripe Link, a new payment method we've made available for online payments (if you choose to enable it).

According to Stripe, businesses that use Link increase their sales conversion rates by over 7%!

If you enable Link in your Starboard account, Stripe will check whether customers booking online have used Link in the past (on any website).

If they have, Stripe will securely autofill the customer's payment info, allowing them to checkout and pay almost instantly:

Link payments are stored and available for re-use

Just as with credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, Link payments are available for you to reuse.
You'll find them stored at the top of the payment methods list on your checkout screen (just like you would with a stored credit card):

Enabling Link in your Starboard Suite account

We think Link is a great way to increase your sales, but you get to decide if it's right for your business.
To enable Link in your Starboard account, just click over to Card Processing->Stripe Configuration:

You can learn more about Stripe Link and see additional screenshots at:

If you have other questions about Stripe Link, just let us know!

We hope you find this useful!

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