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POS Mode is an alternate interface for managing retail add-ons and payments.
It's designed specifically for busy retail scenarios, like on-board bars, where staff need to add retail items and gratuities to existing bookings, and then "keep a tab open", or process payments and "close the tab out".

While it will work on any device, POS Mode is optimized for iPad users -- it has large buttons that are easy to click with a finger instead of a mouse, and was designed to accommodate servers and bartenders with wet hands.

Entering POS Mode

To enter POS Mode, just click the POS Mode button at the top of the left navigation bar:

POS Mode navigation

Using POS Mode

Once there, the interface will look new, but the retail and payment functionality will feel very familiar!

You can add or remove retail products, modify gratuities, collect and split payments, or leave a reservation with an open balance:

POS Mode supports all of the payment methods you're accustomed to in your Control Panel (including stored cards and mobile and network card readers), as well as the integrated calculator and payment splits tool:

Exiting POS Mode

To exit POS Mode and return to your Control Panel, click the "hamburger menu" at the top right of your screen, and then "Exit POS Mode":

Setting POS Mode as a default start page

If you'd like certain employees to jump right into POS Mode when they log-in, you can edit their employee record and update their start page to POS Mode:

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