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What happens when customers reply to your automated emails
What happens when customers reply to your automated emails
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As email spam has continued to grow in volume, large email providers like Gmail and Outlook have taken new efforts to distinguish legitimate email from spam. Generally speaking, this is a good thing, and has dramatically reduced the amount of spam out there.

The downside is that we are no longer able to directly impersonate your email address -- automated emails showing your email address as the sender would now be flagged as spam.

Instead, we now send our automated emails showing your business name in the sender line, but using as the sending email address.

We include your email address in the "reply-to" header, which tells email programs that if a customer clicks "reply", the reply should be sent to you, and not to us.

99% of email programs will recognize the "reply-to" and will route customer replies directly to you. 

A small number of outdated email programs (eg, AOL Mobile and Yahoo Mobile) don't yet support "reply-to" functionality, so they may mistakenly route customer replies to us.

Not to worry, in these cases we'll forward those customer replies back to you.

As a result of this improvement, your automated emails are successfully delivered 99.99% of the time.

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