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If you're working with vouchers like Groupon or Living Social, it's often useful to import them in a batch, rather than entering each one separately.

Voucher code requirements and recommendations

Voucher codes can contain any combination of letters, numbers and dashes, but we recommend that you:

  1. Avoid lower case letters, to keep things simple for customers.

  2. Prepend some information about the campaign to each code to make it easy for you to recognize without having to look it up.

    Eg, if this is your first campaign, you might ask Groupon to prepend "GRP-1-" to the beginning of each code.

Formatting your import file

  1. Ask your voucher partner (eg, Groupon) to provide a CSV file for each campaign/deal that you're offering.

  2. If you're offering multiple deals (eg, Dinner for 2, Dinner for 4), you'll need a separate CSV file for each deal.

  3. Each CSV file should have a single column containing the voucher codes, and should not have a column title/header.

Creating a voucher campaign

  1. Under Promotions->Voucher Campaigns, create a campaign for each deal.

    Campaigns allow you to set up business rules for pricing and date restrictions, and to limit your codes to use on a single event type, resource or location.

  2. Use a Name to describe the campaign -- be as specific as possible.
    Customers can't see the campaign name.

  3. Max Value Before Expiration is the full value of the voucher if it is redeemed before the expiration date -- bookings will be discounted by this amount when customers enter this code.

  4. Max Value After Expiration is the value if the voucher is redeemed after the expiration date. After a voucher expires, many municipalities mandate that customers be able to redeem it for the amount they paid.

    If you want to allow this, enter the amount paid in this box. Otherwise, enter 0.

  5. Apply any other optional business rules as needed. If you have questions about how the other settings are used, click the "info icons" for context-sensitive help.

Importing your CSV file

Under Promotions->Voucher Import:

  1. Select your campaign from the dropdown.

  2. Select your CSV file from a location on your computer.

  3. Click import.

Making changes to your campaign

If you need to make an adjustment to the entire batch later (eg, extend the expiration date), just edit the campaign as needed.

The new campaign rules will be automatically applied to the vouchers that are associated with that campaign.

With that in mind, you should create a new campaign anytime you import a new set of vouchers with different business rules or date restrictions.

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