We charge a per ticket fee for any reservations, including comps, that are processed through Starboard Suite.

That's our only fee and it covers setup, training, licensing, monitoring, support and free upgrades for as long as you're a customer. We don't charge a percentage or a monthly fee.

There's certainly no requirement that you run your comps through Starboard Suite, but if you do we'll keep you from overbooking, put the comp passengers on your manifest, send them confirmation/reminder/thank you emails, add them to your marketing list, etc. So, most operators feel it makes sense to process comps as regular customers.

If you want to waive the tour fee for comps but charge them a ticketing fee you can accomplish this by booking the comp passengers as adults and changing their price to $0 in the red pricing box while you're booking them.

Remember, you have the ability to pass any ticketing fee you like through to your customers. If you charge more than our base fee you keep the difference, which can offset the cost of comps, credit card processing, etc.

AND, you have the ability to charge different ticketing fees for online reservations vs phone bookings vs walk-ups, and to give each fee a different name (eg, "Online Booking Fee", "Phone Booking Fee", etc). These settings are in Admin->System Configuration.

You can use this granular control to encourage specific booking behavior, eg by assessing a higher fee for phone bookings or walk-ups vs online bookings.

If you cancel a reservation you will be prompted to assess an optional cancellation fee (the default cancellation fees can be set in Admin->System Configuration).

If you cancel and do charge a cancellation fee then we hold on to the ticketing fee, since you made some money on the sale. If you cancel and do not charge a cancellation fee then we credit our ticketing fees back to you on your next invoice.

We've tried to structure our pricing to be fair and to scale with your business as it grows. By passing through a ticketing fee, you can take advantage of everything that Starboard Suite has to offer with no out-of-pocket costs.

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