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Vouchers are redeemable codes that you sell through third parties like Groupon and Living Social.

How to enable vouchers

In Control Panel->Admin->System Configuration set "Allow Vouchers" to true.

How customers redeem vouchers

You'll need to direct customers go to this URL to book with a voucher: https://[subdomain].starboardsuite.com/enter-voucher

You'll want to include this link in the redemption instructions of your offering on Groupon, etc.

*Be sure to replace all instances of [subdomain] with your actual Starboard Suite subdomain.

Types of vouchers you can sell

You can sell vouchers from any third party by creating a new Voucher Type under the Promotions menu.

Voucher codes and Voucher types

Starboard Suite allows you to use any voucher codes up to 255 characters.

Because we don't know in advance what codes you'll use, we help you maintain uniqueness by assigning a Voucher Type to each code. Codes must be unique within a Voucher Type, but they can be duplicated across Voucher Types. For example, these codes are both valid:

Groupon Ax102990
Living Social Ax102990

But you can only have one Groupon Ax102990

It is not necessary to create a Voucher Type for each campaign you run... only create a new Voucher Type for each voucher source, as a way to restrict uniqueness within that voucher source.

Applying rules to redemptions with voucher campaigns

Vouchers can enforce a number of different restrictions at the time they are redeemed. For example, you can restrict some vouchers to only be valid on certain days of the week or to expire after a certain date.

You can also set a post-expiration value... in the event that a customer doesn't redeem the voucher by its expiration date, you can still allow them to redeem it for a lesser value at a later date.

Your state or locale may have specific laws regarding post-expiration value, taxation, etc. You are responsible for knowing and following your local laws.

Voucher restrictions are enforced in a Voucher Campaign at the time you import the voucher.

Prior to offering vouchers via Groupon, Living Social, etc, please acquaint yourself with the voucher campaign attributes that are configurable in Promotions->Campaigns, and review the complete voucher documentation on this site.

Voucher max value

Every voucher you import will have an underlying "Max Value before Expiration" and "Max Value after Expiration". These represent the maximum value at which a customer can redeem the voucher before and after the expiration date you specify.

If a customer books a reservation for less than the value of the voucher, they will not receive a refund and the value will not carry over. Each voucher can only be used once.

If a customer books a reservation for more than the value of their voucher, they will be prompted to pay the difference with a credit card.

Taxes and Fees

Any fees you normally assess for a given event will also be assessed during a voucher redemption.

Most operators ask customers to pay these fees via credit card, in addition to the voucher.

If your needs are different, just let us know.

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