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How to issue partial refunds/credits for existing reservations
How to issue partial refunds/credits for existing reservations
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Starboard Suite makes it easy to issue partial refunds, and we'll keep all of your sales numbers up-to-date automatically.

If you're issuing a partial refund or credit, that refund is tied to a real-life event. To issue a refund, just adjust the price related to the event. Then let Starboard Suite calculate the credit owed to the customer and prompt you to issue the refund.

For example, maybe a mechanical issue with a kayak you rented to a customer cut their rental short. As a result, you'd like to issue the customer a $50 refund for their $100 rental.

Just follow these steps:

   1. Log-in as a manager
   2. Locate and edit the reservation
   3. In the red price box, change the $100 price to $50 

   4. Now just click continue to check out and you'll be prompted to refund the difference

* Important Reminder : you can only issue a partial refund to a credit card after the original charge has cleared the bank

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