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Creating retail products and add-ons (upsells)
Creating retail products and add-ons (upsells)
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To create a new retail product or add-on, go to Retail->Products and click "Add New".

  1. Add a name, description and price for the product, and assign it to a category.

    The category you select will determine whether we collect sales tax on the product.  (You can view and manage the categories in Retail->Product Categories.)

  2. Use the "Show on Web" selector to indicate whether this product should be available for online purchase.

    Never: product will never be purchasable by customers online, but your staff will still be able to sell it through your Control Panel.

    When bundled with reservation: product is available for online purchase as an add-on to a reservation, but not available as a standalone retail purchase.

    Always: product is available for online purchase as both an add-on and a standalone retail purchase.

  3. If not using the product as an event add-on

    Click "Add + Done", or use "Add + New" to add another product.

  4. If using this product as an event add-on:
    Click "Add + Edit"
       Use the linking table below to associate it with specific event types, or "all"

Connecting a retail item to event types video below

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