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Adding our modified Smartwaiver widget to your website
Adding our modified Smartwaiver widget to your website
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Smartwaiver has a "website widget" that allows customers to sign your waiver directly from your website.

Smartwaiver's widget doesn't ask customers for their Starboard Suite confirmation number, which prevents us from linking the waivers to their reservations.

To address this, we have a drop-in replacement for the widget code that will require customers to lookup their reservation before filling out the waiver.

To use our modified widget, paste the code below just above the </body> tag on your website:

*Be sure to replace [subdomain] with your actual Starboard Suite subdomain.

<script src="https://[subdomain]" type="text/javascript"></script>

*Expert Tip: If you've created custom styling for your existing widget, that will work in our replacement as well. Just copy and paste the styling parameters (everything after the question mark) into the new URL.

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