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Storing credit cards in Stripe for later use
Storing credit cards in Stripe for later use
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Storing a credit card while processing payment

When your staff or your customers process credit card payments with Stripe, we will automatically store the customer's credit card in Stripe's encrypted vault and make it available for you to use with subsequent payments.

Though our software does some "magic" to make it look and feel like we've stored the credit card inside Starboard Suite, for security and PCI compliance reasons the actual credit card numbers are never stored in our database.

Using a stored card-on-file

With security in mind, we'll never populate the clear text credit card number in the standard "credit card" form.

Instead, we'll add a new payment method for each card to your "payment methods" pulldown menu.

To charge a stored card, just select that card as the payment method.

Storing a card without charging it

To store a card without actually charging it, follow the same process as you would for a normal credit card payment, but change the payment amount to 0.

When you process the $0 payment, we'll store the card without charging it.

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