If you use Google Analytics to track your website traffic, you can connect Google Analytics to Starboard Suite as well.

Doing so allows us to post details about your Starboard traffic and sales back to your Google Analytics account.

Be sure to configure the right product and version

Google has a number of different tracking products and versions.

For effective tracking, the Google product version you configure in Starboard Suite must match the Google product version you use on your main website.

For example, if you use Analytics.js on your website, you should configure your Starboard account to use Analytics.js as well.

Learn how to set up your preferred integration below:

Google Analytics.js Universal (legacy)

Outdated, consider updating

Google Global Site Tag (newer)

Easier to set up

Less control and flexibility

Google Tag Manager (newer)

More difficult to set up

Total control and flexibility

Google Analytics GA4 (beta)

Supported, but still in beta

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