If you use Google Analytics to track your website traffic, you can add your Google Analytics Account ID to Starboard Suite as well.

This will allow us to post details about your Starboard Suite traffic back to your Google Analytics account.

Connect Starboard Suite to your Google Analytics account

In your Starboard Suite Control Panel:

  1. Go to Admin->App Store

  2. Click to activate Google Analytics

  3. Enter the Google Analytics Account ID that Google provided (eg, it will look something like this UA-90835645-1)

*Optional, "Goal Tracking" in Google Analytics

Log-in to Google Analytics and follow Google's instructions to create a "Goal".

Under "Goal details":

  1. Set "Destination type" to "Regular Expression"

  2. Set URL to: /boarding-pass/

*Optional, "E-commerce Tracking" in Google Analytics

We will automatically post anonymous revenue data to your Analytics account.

To see this data in Analytics, you'll need to enable e-commerce tracking in Analytics.

Add starboardsuite.com to your Analytics "Exclusion List"

If you find that Analytics is creating a new "session" and showing starboardsuite.com as the "source", just add starboardsuite.com to your Analytics exclusion list.

Authorize.net users may want to add authorize.net to their exclusion list as well.

For more info, see this Google support document:


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