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Using e-waivers with SmartWaiver
Using e-waivers with SmartWaiver
Electronic waivers with SmartWaiver
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We've integrated with Smartwaiver, the industry's leading e-waiver company.

When you connect your Starboard Suite account with Smartwaiver:

  • Customers who book online will be prompted to complete a waiver after they complete their booking. 

  • All customers will receive a link to complete their waiver in their confirmation email.

In your Control Panel, you'll be able to:

  • See how many waivers have been completed and how many are still needed.

  • Click a link to open a new waiver for a customer to sign.

  • Download signed PDF waivers


IMPORTANT: Note about waiver links

Each reservation needs its own unique waiver link that includes its confirmation number. These unique links allow us to identify waivers after they've been signed, and to associate them with the correct reservation for you.

Starboard will auto-generate these unique links for you on customer boarding passes and emails.

For the integration to work properly, it is critical that you:

  • Never share direct links to your SmartWaiver on your website or in emails.
    Instead, encourage customers to use the auto-generated links that we provide for them.

  • Never share one customer's auto-generated waiver link with another customer.
    If you do, their signed waiver may become associated with the wrong reservation.

If you'd like customers to be able to sign a waiver directly from your website or from SmartWaiver's Kiosk app, we have custom middleware to generate the correct links for each customer.

Connecting your Starboard Suite account to Smartwaiver takes just a few steps.

It requires you to copy some codes between the two accounts, so we recommend using a computer, rather than a phone or tablet for the initial setup.

You'll need to save these codes on your computer temporarily, so open any type of document you'd like to use to as a scratch pad: Word, Excel, Textpad, etc.

Sign up for Smartwaiver and create your waiver

  1. If you don't yet have a Smartwaiver account, sign-up at

  2. If you haven't yet created a waiver in your Smartwaiver account, do that now.  Smartwaiver will create the first one for you for free! 

Set up Smartwaiver webhook

  1. Go to the Smartwaiver webhooks page and enable account-level webhooks

  2. For Webhook Type choose Web Endpoint

  3. In "Your Webhook URL", paste this URL, but be sure to be sure to replace [subdomain] with your actual Starboard Suite subdomain:

  4. In "Participants are required to validate their email address..." choose "Do not wait for email validation..." 

  5. Click save and then click "Show Webhook Private Key".  

  6. Copy the private key.  You'll need this in a minute, so paste this into your scratchpad and label it "private key"

Set up Smartwaiver API Key

  1. Under "Create an API Key" enter "Starboard Suite" as your "application label".

  2. Click "Create"

  3. Smartwaiver will show you your new "API Key V4"

  4. You'll need this in a minute, so paste it into your scratchpad and label it "API Key V4"

Copy your Smartwaiver ID

  1. Go to the "Create/Edit Waivers" page

  2. Click the name of the waiver you'd like to integrate into Starboard Suite

  3. A new browser window will pop up with your waiver

  4. The URL will look something like the screenshot below

  5. Copy the waiver ID (the highlighted section) from the URL

  6. You'll need this in a minute, so paste this into your scratchpad and label it "Waiver ID"

Disable Smartwaiver Email Verification

Smartwaiver's platform has a small glitch where the email verification links that they send don't pass the "tag" forward.

As a result, if customers verify their email address and then hand their device to someone else to sign, the subsequent waivers may not be associated with the customer's reservation.

With that in mind, you may want to disable email verification on your waivers.

Here's how to do that:

  1. Go to the "Create/Edit Waivers" page

  2. Click "Edit" next to the waiver you'd like to integrate into Starboard Suite

  3. In the top navigation, choose "Options"

  4. Expand the green bar that says "Emails"

  5. Uncheck the box that says "Send a verification email to participants that complete your waiver online."

  6. At the bottom of the screen, click "Next" several times, then click "Publish Your Waiver"

Configure Starboard Suite for Smartwaiver

  1. In your Control Panel, go to Admin->App Store

  2. Click the SmartWaiver button

  3. Paste your "Waiver Id" from above into the "Smartwaiver Waiver Id" box

  4. Paste your "API Key V4" from above into its respective box

  5. Paste your "Private Key" from above into "Smartwaiver Webhook Private Key" box

  6. For your security, please delete the file with codes you saved in the previous steps.

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