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Built-in employee scheduling
Built-in employee scheduling
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With our built-in employee scheduling system, you can create roles and teams, and assign any combination of individuals and teams to your events.

Adding employees

You can add employees under Admin->Employees.

Permission levels are controlled separately from scheduling "roles", so you should choose the permission level based on the type of access you'd like the user to have in the Control Panel, regardless of the role they'll fill on your events.

There's a special permission level called "No Control Panel Access", in case you'd like to add an employee for scheduling purposes without actually giving them access to your Control Panel.

Creating roles

You can create and manage roles under Admin->Employee Roles.

Feel free to rename our example roles, or create as many new roles as you need.

Creating teams (optional)

You can optionally create reusable teams under Admin->Employee Teams.

After you've created your team, you can add employees and roles in the linking section below.

For a shortcut, use the Add+Edit button to add a team and immediately link employees to it.

Scheduling Employees and Teams

Now that you've added employees and roles (and optional teams), you can schedule employees and teams at the bottom of each event.

From the calendar or the event detail page, click the edit button.

Then schedule any combination of employees and teams.

Seeing who's scheduled to work

After you schedule employees or teams, you can see your schedule on the main calendar by toggling the Show Employees menu.

You can see the schedule for an individual employee by selecting their name from the Employee filter.

Email any individual by clicking their name.

And, each event detail page will show you who's working, and allow you to edit assignments or email individual employees.

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