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Concierge and agent bookings
Concierge and agent bookings
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With our concierge and agent booking system you can allow 3rd party agents to book for their guests with several different compensation models.

By default, concierges can create their own accounts in "referral" mode (see below).
They will be required to enter a customer credit card, and they'll pay you at the regular customer rate.

In addition, we'll notify you any time someone registers as a concierge, and you'll have the ability to de-activate their account at any time.

So, self-registration is very low risk, but if you'd like to disable it for any reason you can do so in Admin->System Configuration.

After logging-in, concierges will see a modified version of your online booking system -- they will never have access to your Control Panel


We support the following concierge/agent compensation types:

Referral (credit card)

  • Concierge processes full payment with customer credit card

  • You can specify a commission percentage for each concierge

  • The Concierge Referrals report shows the commissions amounts to pay out

  • You can cut concierge a commission check at your convenience

Net Rate (voucher)

  • Concierge pays you with a concierge voucher code

  • You can specify a discount percentage for each concierge

  • The Concierge Vouchers (Net Rate) report shows the Net amount owed to you by the concierge

  • You can use the report to invoice the concierge at your convenience

Balance Due (voucher)

  • Customer makes a partial payment ("deposit") to concierge via cash/credit card, which concierge keeps

  • Concierge pays you with a concierge voucher code

  • We send customer a confirmation email showing the partial payment via voucher, and the balance due

  • You collect the balance due from the customer at check-in or via phone


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