Creating retail products is easy, but the initial setup takes a few quick steps.

In your Control Panel:

  1. Go to Retail->Product Categories
    Make sure that an appropriate category exists for the product you want to add. You are currently limited to 9 categories, but you can rename the categories as needed. If your retail item is taxable, please make sure that "Is Taxable" is set to true in the category you plan to assign the product to.
  2. Go to Retail->Products
    Add the name and description and price for the product, and assign it to the correct category. If you'd like to allow customers to purchase the product when they book online, set "Show on Web" to true.  
  3. Click "Add + Edit"
  4. Starboard Suite allows you to map products to specific Tour Types, so that you're only selling retail products which are appropriate for specific types of trips.

    To associate the retail product with a Tour Type, just add a link to the related table at the bottom of the page. Or, to associate the retail product with all Tour Types, select the "All Tour Types" option.

When you're done adding all of your Tour Type links, click "Save + Done", or click "Save + New" to add another product.

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