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Starboard Suite Kiosk for on-site bookings
Starboard Suite Kiosk for on-site bookings
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Starboard Suite Kiosk is a free iPad app that allows customers who've arrived on-site without a reservation to buy their own tickets. ย It's your online reservation system built into an iPad app and integrated with Stripe Terminal (M2/Chipper/WisePad) for simple and secure payment processing.

Customers can ring up their own order and then pay you by swiping or dipping their own credit card, or by tapping their phone with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you have customers queuing up to pay at your venue, Kiosk can be a great way to reduce the pressure on your sales staff.

Integrated with Stripe Terminal (M2/Chipper/WisePad)

Customers can process their own payments via swipe, dip or Apple Pay using Stripe's hardware.

Supports iOS Restrictions

Prevent customers from accessing other apps on your device while unattended.

Built on the Starboard Suite Platform

View, modify and check-in your Kiosk customers alongside your online and phone reservations.

No Additional Cost

Kiosk is included with your Starboard Suite account.

To Get Started

If you have questions about Starboard Suite Kiosk, just let us know.

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