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Sending bulk SMS messages to customers
Sending bulk SMS messages to customers

Sending Text Messages

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Our bulk SMS feature allows you to notify customers of scheduling or weather issues via text message.

Important usage notes

Currently, this tool may only be used for transactional messages related to weather changes, trip cancellations, etc.

Using this tool for other purposes (eg, marketing campaigns) violates our terms of service and may result in termination of your account.  When in doubt, please ask.

Pricing and availability

At this time, registered users may use this tool at no additional cost.

In the longer term, we'll keep an eye on our operational costs for providing the service. While we hope to keep this feature free, we reserve the right to charge additionally for it down the road if needed.

Which customers can receive texts

In order for specific customers to receive texts from you, they must:

  1. Opt-in to receive texts by either:

    a) Clicking new SMS opt-in checkbox during online booking
    b) Giving you verbal permission to click the checkbox for them

  2. Have a valid U.S. or Canadian cell phone number on file

    This means that "Show Cell Phone Input" must be set to "True" in your System Configuration (if unsure, we recommend you verify this).

Setup and usage

Before you can start sending texts, we'll need to enable to feature for you.
To request this, just send us a message in the support chat.

After the feature is enabled, you'll find an SMS icon in the Public Notes section of your event detail screen.  Just click the icon and enter a message.

If customers reply to your text, we'll send their reply to your customer service email.

Learn more about sending SMS messages to customers:

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