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Event Check-Ins and Manifests

Options for checking customers in on the day of their event

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Starboard Suite has support for 2 different phases of check-ins:

  • Phase 1: Event detail screen to check-in a reservation at a time

  • Phase 2: Online manifest to track the actual number of guests who get on board

Phase 1 - Reservation Check-in

For cases where you want customers to walk through your store or walk up to a kiosk and tell you that their party is on-site, you can click a single "check-in" button for the whole reservation.

Phase 2 - Online Manifest

If you want your crew to track who actually gets on board, you can use our color-coded manifest to track the number of guests who actually get on-board.

Yellow is partially-boarded. Green is fully-boarded.

Configuration Options

By default, your system is configured to support a 2-phase check-in flow where you require customers to do both a phase 1 check-in and a phase 2 boarding.

In this case, bookings won't appear on your online manifest (phase 2) until they have gone through the phase 1 check-in.

If you only want to use the phase 1, feel free to simply ignore the phase 2 manifest.

If you only want to use phase 2:

  1. Navigate to Admin->System Configuration->Workflow Settings

  2. Set Show "Processed" Reservations on Manifests to True.

In this case, we'll show any reservations marked "processed" or "checked-in" on the manifest for you to track their boarding.

Customers who may owe you money at check-in

If you allow partial payments for bookings, some of your customers might owe you money when they check-in.

In this case, you may want to use "Auto Check-in" instead of "Show "Processed" Reservations on Manifest.

With Auto Check-in, any customers who have paid you in full will automatically be checked-in and can go straight to boarding.

Those who owe you money will have to pay you in full in order to check-in and board.

More workflow options

Each event has its own Event Detail screen for phase 1, and its own Online Manifest for phase 2.

If you have staff who spend most of their day doing check-ins or boarding, the Today's Events screen will allow them to do a phase 1 check-in for an entire day from a single screen.

Similarly, Today's Manifests will allow them to do phase 2 manifest boarding for an entire day from a single screen.

Scanning Tickets

If you're interested in scanning tickets, learn more about the Starboard Suite Ticket Scanner.

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