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Processing Interac Debit payments in Canada
Processing Interac Debit payments in Canada
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Canadian operators can process in-person Interac Debit payments and refunds within Starboard Suite using an integrated Stripe Terminal reader.

Interac Debit is supported for both the WisePad bluetooth reader and the WisePOS network reader, so there's an integration for every device (smartphone, tablet and desktop).


Stripe's fee for Interac payments is currently C$0.15 per transaction (see latest pricing).

There are no additional Starboard Suite fees for using Interac.

Important details

  • Unlike with a credit card, Interac's terms of service require that the customer physically tap or insert their card for both payments and refunds.
    When you process an Interac refund in Starboard, you'll be prompted to select a reader, and for the customer to tap or reinsert their card into the connected device.

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