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How to cancel a reservation
How to cancel a reservation
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It's easy to cancel reservations and refund the guest in whole or in part, across multiple payment methods.

Customers cannot cancel online -- they must contact you to cancel.

This gives you the opportunity to:

To cancel a reservation:

1. From within the Control Panel, locate the reservation, either by clicking "view" below the event on your calendar or searching for it in the Quick Search on the left side.

2. Click "Cancel" next to the reservation.

3. Optionally, assess a cancellation fee, or enter 0.

4. Select the payment you'd like to refund against, and enter the amount of the refund.

When refunding against a credit card payment, the amount of the original payment is shown in parenthesis next to the payment method.

When you refund a credit card, you're refunding against a specific payment, rather than simply sending money back to the card.

If a booking contains multiple credit card payments, you can only refund each payment up to the original amount of that payment.

For example, if you received one payment for $100 and another for $200, you can only refund up to $100 against the first payment, and up to $200 against the second payment.

You can't refund $300 against either individual payment.

If you try to refund more than the amount of the original payment, you'll see a message like this, reminding you that you can't refund more than the amount that was previously charged.

In this case, we simply adjust the refund amount in the box so that it doesn't exceed the amount of the original payment.

The refund against the next payment is handled the same way.

4. Once you begin to cancel the reservation, it is critical that you continue to click all the way through to the receipt page, where you'll see the refund on the right side.

If for some reason you change your mind about the refund, use the "leave with refund due" button, rather than simply abandoning the change.

If you don't reach the receipt page, the cancellation is not complete.

5. Customers will receive an email confirming the cancellation.

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